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Every Freedom comes with Responsibility

Guided by the belief that our actions today shape tomorrow’s world, the Freedom Footprints Sustainability Program encourages everyone to leave positive footprints by embracing sustainable practices and supporting local communities.

Our planet is facing pressing challenges today: the climate is warming at an alarming rate, posing risks to both humanity and nature. Habitat loss threatens over a million species with extinction, and pollution continues to harm our air, land, and water.

We need to act now.


About the Program

Freedom Footprint Sustainability Program emphasizes the importance of balancing personal freedom with social and environmental responsibility in order to live in harmony with nature.

At the heart of the “Freedom Footprints Program” is the idea of making conscious choices that prioritize sustainability and respect for local communities and the environment. It’s about being mindful of the impact we have on the world around us and taking responsibility for it together.

Let’s take firm steps toward a sustainable tomorrow

Community of Freedom Keepers

The Freedom Keepers community is driven by a shared belief that true freedom goes hand in hand with responsible actions and that we are all connected. Embodying the spirit of freedom, we work as catalysts for positive change that creates ripples on the surface that will later turn into big waves of change.

Freedom Keepers includes our guests making conscious contributions to aid our sustainable projects alongside our dedicated Freedom Fighters, who volunteer in every sustainable initiative we undertake. United with the local island community, wholeheartedly supporting our shared goals and ideals and collaborating with our partner organizations, forging a vibrant community bound by the belief that true freedom is intertwined with responsible actions.

Picturesque View of Floating Cottages and Island from the Land, a Tranquil Coastal Retreat
Green Globe Certified Logo: Check Mark on Globe Picture Encircled with Letters 'Green Globe Certified'

Green Globe

Earth Check Logo with Blue Letters and Circle-Shaped Blue Leaves Design, Symbolizing Environmental Awareness

Earth Check

NSURE Logo: Stylish Letters with 'Private Limited' at the Bottom


PARLEY Word Logo on White Background, Clean and Minimalistic Design

Parley for the Oceans

Atoll Marine Centre Logo: Drawing of Fish, Turtle, and Sea Plants, Representing Marine Life Conservation

Atoll Marine Center

Olive Ridley Project Logo: Turtle Drawing Inside Blue Circle, Advocating for Turtle Conservation

Olive Ridley Project

Native Statue-Inspired Logo with the Name 'Starboard' at the Bottom, Reflecting Cultural Influences


Blue Tiki Logo: Simple Drawing with Letters 'Blue Tiki'

Blue Tiki

Starboard Recycle Logo with Bottle Image: Plastic Offset Program, Offsetting Our Plastic Use

Plastic Offset Program

Worldview International Foundation Logo: Simple Plant Drawing with Letters 'Worldview International Foundation' and a black Star

Worldview International Foundation

Noo Raajje Logo: Fishes Forming a Sphere, Symbolizing Unity and Harmony

Noo Raajje

EnviroSwim Logo with Giraffe Silhouette in Blue Letters, Representing Environmental Consciousness


Every little effort counts

Our Footprints

Sustainable Operations

Becoming Green Globe™ Certified requires an annual audit of Cora Cora Maldives’ sustainability practices. This includes making sure local produce is used when available, using an energy-efficient lighting system, trying to reduce the amount of waste we have, and recycling what we can. Sustainable operations not only come from something we have written in a plan but also from training our staff by providing them with more information and the right tools dedicated to providing exceptional and sustainable guest experiences.

Sustainable Reporting

What is measured, can be managed

Cora Cora Maldives Sustainability Reporting made possible by Earth Check Software, provides quantitative assessments of all our social and environmental impacts. This includes the direct impacts at our resort and indirect impacts via our supply chain.


Limiting Single-Use Plastics

We take pride in being advocates for combating plastic pollution and setting a positive example for our guests, starting with our drinking water. Through desalinization, we create all our drinking water, carefully poured into our glass water bottles, “Pure,” offering both Still and Sparkling options.

By operating our water bottling plant, we not only ensure a fresh water supply but also eliminate the use of over 100,000 plastic bottles annually. Furthermore, we have replaced plastic straws with sustainable alternatives and provide organic bath essentials like shampoo, conditioner, bath soap, and lotion in refillable bespoke canisters.


Empowering Strides

As an equal opportunities employer, we strive to achieve a more balanced representation of female Freedom Fighters at Cora Cora Maldives. We provide a safe and respectful living and working environment, offering clear career paths. Our all-women restaurant outlet, Ginger Moon®, and all-women airport team are testaments to our commitment to women’s empowerment.

Turtle Trails

Meet Cora, a male Olive Ridley sea turtle rescued nearby the resort. His story highlights the devastating impact of ghost nets on sea turtles. He is found floating on his backside, covered in algae, and gooseneck barnacles with both front flippers already amputated from being entangled in a ghost net.


We join hands with the Olive Ridley Project and Atoll Marine Center in a mission to support the protection of vulnerable sea turtles and their habitats through rescue, rehabilitation, education, and research.


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